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Ever feel compromised with your varifocals? Do you experience blurry side vision or curved distortion when going down stairs or reading?  If you’ve been disappointed with varifocals before you’ll be excited about our new varifocal lens design!  Essilor, who invented the varifocal lens design over 50 years ago, have added an all-new progressive lens to their extensive range.

One of our patients has recently started to wear the new Varilux S lens for the first time … ‘They are crystal clear and have sharp focus at all distances … (and compared to her previous varifocal lenses)… they do give much clearer all round vision’.*

Two new and exclusive technologies have made the Varilux S Series design overcome the compromises you may have previously had when wearing your varifocals.

Nanoptix technology reduces the ‘swim effect’.  Synchroneyes technology ensures maximised fields of vision. If you have previously experienced some limits with your premium varifocal lenses, Essilor’s new Varilux S Series will provide you with ultimate flawless vision.

Wearers of the new Varilux S Series have experienced a wider angle of vision and a more balanced feel when moving.  90% of the swim effect is reduced through Varilux S Series compared to other premium lenses.**

Your new lens design comes with a choice of two anti-reflection coatings, Optifog UV and Crizal Forte UV.  We have had positive feedback from our patients for these premium coatings … ‘They certainly stay clearer for longer and are not a problem in the rain’.*

Both coatings have UV protection … your eyes can be damaged by UV rays 365 days of the year.  Even if your not in bright sunlight UV rays are everywhere and our Crizal UV coating will protect your eyes from the harmful light that reflects from the back of your lenses into your eye. For more information see our previous entriy on protecting your eyes from UV rays.

Also available for Varilux S Series lenses is  Crizal Optfog UV which provides you with fog free vision.

By treating your lenses once a week with the Optifog activator you will have steam free lenses in any situation!  For more information and to see our Optifog demonstration.

        • Crizal Forte UV protects against the 5 enemies of clear vision!

5 enemies of clear vision

For more details on lens coatings and how they help to improve your vision check out our coatings blog

For any more information please contact Lichfield Street Opticians on 01902 420348 or info@wolverhamptonopticians.co.uk

*Our patient testimonials Jan 2013

**Essilor In lab testing 2011

Dec 142012

As one of the most recognisable brands in the world, ck Calvin Klein arrives at Lichfield Street Opticians!  We are now proud stockists of the new range Ck Calvin Klein frames that come in exciting colours to suit all ages and prescription requirements.  For our stylish modern women who needs varifocals or our student who needs this months ‘on trend’ colour for their new specs this range covers it all!

Ck Calvin Klein delivery arrives

As usual the boring brown boxes arrive from our courier…but all the goodies are inside!

Ck Calvin Klein comes out of the box

John carefully unpacks the boxes…

new displays for our window

New window display for our Christmas window,  Let us know what you think of our new Christmas window, we’d love to hear from you!

new Ck Calvin Klein frames!

New frames in new exciting colours, I’ve chosen one for myself :)

Whats in here?

Having a wrestle with the posters for the window…

Here she is!

She’s out of the box and looking beautiful!

Merry Calvin Klein Christmas!

Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes from Ruth & John :)

Nov 012012

Its getting to that time of the year when we wrap up for crisp frosty mornings … enjoy cosy nights by the fire … but as a spectacle wearer do you find your glasses getting foggy when you’re out and about during your day in the winter?

Here at Lichfield Street Opticians we know it has always been a problem for all spectacles wearers that when you go from a cold environment to hot surroundings and visa versa your lenses foggy up and your vision is temporarily blurred until your lenses clear.  It can be a major inconvenience and until now there hasn’t been a product that has completely eliminated this problem.

Optifog coating was introduced last year and it has been has now been relaunched to include Crizal Forte UV.  It won ‘Product Of The Year’ at this years Opticians Awards.  The combination of Optifog and Crizal UV means that your eyes have 25 times better UV protection than without the coating plus a lens that won’t fog up when you move from hot to cold environments.

The top layer of the Optifog coating has fog repellent properties. To activate the Optifog on your lenses we supply you with a bottle of Optifog Activator.  You simply apply a drop of the solution to both sides of your lenses and wipe them over with a micro fibre cloth.  Your lenses are now completely fog resistant!

Unlike other anti-fog sprays you may have tried in the past, which have to been used daily with the Optifog Activator it only has to be used once a week.

Included in the Optifog UV coating is the usual benefits of an anti reflection coating

  • scratch resistance
  • smudge resistance/easy to clean
  • anti-reflection
  • dust repellence

Please call into see our Optifog Demonstration for yourself!  Please don’t hesitate to call and see us if you need any more information about coatings or about your eye health.


Many thanks to Essilor

Oct 172012

veggies2blog As we all know leading a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercise lowers the risk of you developing serious illnesses.  Did you know that a healthy balanced diet rich in oily fish, green vegetables,fruit and nuts is also beneficial to your eye health?

There are specific eye friendly nutrients that are necessary to provide your eyes with the support and protection they need against serious eye diseases. Macular Degeneration disease is the most common cause of visual impairment in the developed world, mainly affecting people over the age of 60.  It is a result of changes to the macula – a part of the retina located on the back of the eye that is responsible for clear central vision (your peripheral/side vision is not affected by macular degeneration).

There are simple steps you can make to your lifestyle to help protect against sight loss.

  • healthy diet – green leafed vegetables such as spinach, kale, fruits including peaches, oranges and apricots
  • stop smoking
  • lifestyle changes – taking regular exercise – find a sport or hobby you really enjoy doing!
  • wear lenses that block out UV/blue light that is emitted from the sun, car headlights, computer screens.
  • have regular eye tests, we recommend every two years (unless you have a medical reason for you to have a more regular eyetests e.g diabetes)

A convenient way to ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients and vitamins you need is take supplement that is specially formulated to ensure your eyes are having the exact nutritional intake.  Here at Lichfield Street Opticians we recommend Nutrof Total capsules.

Nutrof Total are easy to swallow capsules that just have to be taken once a day.

Containing -

  • Vitamin C – antioxidant, regenerates Vitamin E
  • Vitamin E – Antioxidant
  • Zinc – antioxidant
  • Copper – antioxidant
  • Selenium – antioxidant, scavenger of free-radicals
  • Essential Fatty Acids – Fish Oils and Omega 3 – important in development and function of the retina
  • Resvertrol – found in red wine, red grapes and blueberries – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin – these two pigments are called carotenoids, they help absorb blue and ultraviolet light, they protect your macula which is responsible for your central high resolution vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin can only be obtained via your diet.

It is also available as the only drinkable nutritional! If you don’t find it easy to swallow tablets Nutrof Total Drink is so easy to make, just empty the sachet into a cup, add half a cup of water, mix and take immediately with your main meal of the day.

In a recent Department of Health survey experts found that just a quarter of adults eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.This can leave you at a higher risk of developing macular degeneration and other common eye diseases, so it so important for you to be eating a healthy balance diet.

For more information about eye health please contact us at 01902 420348 or info@wolverhamptonopticians.co.uk.  Or pop into see us! We have Free brochures that explain fully the benefits of a healthy diet preventing against serious eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

Many thanks to OpticianOnline.net, National Eye Health Week, Spectrum Thea and Macular Disease Society.

Sep 112012

Here at Lichfield Street Opticians we are excited to let you know that we are now stockists of Nikon lenses!

Nikon lenses have the best qualities you would want in a spectacle lens … Exceptionally durable; Effortless to clean; Easy on the eyes; Unique – simply the next generation of quality lens coatings from Nikon.

To celebrate our Nikon status we are offer you a unique offer … When you purchase any pair of Nikon varifocal lenses in September and October you will receive a FREE complimentary upgrade to the next tier of premium varifocal design.

This is fantastic opportunity for you to try a premium product at an affordable price!

Everyone makes a unique choice when it comes to chosing their varifocal lenses.  Everyone has different visual needs, you choose a varifocal that both suits your prescription and how you use the lens in your everyday life.

Nikon has a wide variety of varifocal’s that will specifically suit your lifestyle.

We now stock Nikon Varifocal lenses that offer…

  • Reduced aberration & distortion when wearing your specs – this has been minimized to offer you the best possible vision
  • Wider intermediate vision – allowing you instant adaption to the lens, better vision for you when using a computer
  • a lens coating that leaves your lenses cleaner, tougher and clearer than ever before

Each Nikon purchase comes with a Nikon lens cloth, a certificate of authenticity card and Nikon bag!

Our Nikon bags arrive!

For more information about this fantastic offer or for more details of Nikon lenses we would love to hear from you!  Call 01902 420348 or email info@wolverhamptonopticians.co.uk

Many thanks to Nikon

Sep 112012

iStock_000010314461Medium It’s that time again! A new school term has started! Here at Lichfield Street Opticians we want to make sure you and your family are all prepared for the studying ahead!  Now is the time that your child might notice that their vision might not be as sharp as last term.

It costs nothing to be reassured about the health of your children’s eyes.

Did you Know? … If your child is in full time education up to the age of 18 years old they will be entitled to a free eye examination and entitled to an NHS voucher that either pays for or contributes to a complete pair of spectacles! We have frames to suit all ages … we are stockists of


Ben 10 framesDisney Princess framesPolarised Sunglasses

Converse Kids

Star Wars

At Lichfield Street Opticians we are experts in children’s eyecare and we committed to provide you child with the best eye health,

  • 1 in 5 children have undetected visual problems
  • 80% of a child’s learning occurs visually
  • Research has shown that poor vision can lead to poor school work
  • To avoid the possibility of permanent reductions in vision such as lazy eye, it is essential children are tested before the age of 7
  • Children can be tested from as young as 18 months old

Children's Eyecare and Glasses

We also realise that kids will be kids!  Its likely that any spectacles will need adjustments from time to time, as we offer all our patients a lifetime fitting and adjustment service, there will never be any charges to bring your child’s spectacles back to life! Also up to the age of 16 years old, if their spectacles need to be replaced due to damage, just bring them back in to us and we can replace them on the NHS free of charge.

We also accept other optician’s prescription’s, so if our Ben 10 is the frame to have, that is no problem!  Just bring your child’s prescription in to us and we can order the new spectacles.

For more information about your child’s eyecare or for any further help regarding eye health, please contact us on 01902 420348 or email info@wolverhamptonopticians.co.uk

Aug 012012

When trying contact lenses for the first time, it can seem to be daunting because you are essentially placing a lens directly onto your eye. But when you have taken a contact lens check at Lichfield Street Opticians and are starting a free contact lens trial, we can show you exactly how to go about handling your lenses in the safest and easiest way.

We have prepared these video guides and tips to help to illustrate safe techniques in handling your contact lenses. Don’t worry if they seem overbearing – good practice comes with time, and these actions will soon be second nature.

Inserting Your Contact Lenses

Ruth demonstrates how to insert your contact lenses.


So to put your contact lenses in, here’s a few tips to remember:

  • Make sure to thoroughly wash, rinse and dry your hands before beginning.
  • You may need to rinse the lens before you insert it – only use your sterile lens solution for this. Do NOT use tap water as this could contaminate your lenses.
  • To avoid mix ups, try to get into the habit of always inserting the right lens into your right eye first – your boxes of lenses will be clearly marked with an ‘R’ or ‘L’ to help you to tell them apart.
  • Hold the lens on the tip of your forefinger. Make sure that it is not damaged or inside out (contact lenses have small letter or number markings near the edges that can help you to tell). If it is damaged, discard the lens and get a new one.
  • Place your middle finger of the same hand near to your lower eyelashes and gently pull your lower lid down.
  • Use the fore or middle finger of your other hand to life your upper lid.
  • Gently place the lens on your eye – the shape of the lens should easily cup over the natural curve of your eye.
  • Release your eyelids and blink a few times.
  • Repeat for the other eye.

There are other methods of lens placement, and the left/right direction may be opposite if you are left handed. Please check with your optician/contact lens specialist if you are having any kind of trouble to see if there is an alternative method.

Centring the Lens

Once you blink after inserting the lens, the lens should centre itself over the eye. On rare occasions however the lens can slip down over the white of your eye. Moving it is easy – just close your eye and gently massage the lens into place through the closed eyelid.

Removing Your Contact Lenses

A demonstration on how to remove contact lenses.
  • Just as insertion, always start with the right lens. Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly.
  • Ensure the lens is on the middle of your eye before attempting to remove it.
  • Hold your eyelids open and inspect the top and bottom of your eye in the mirror to find the edge of the lens.
  • Look up, slide the lens down to the white of your eye using your forefinger.
  • Gently pinch the lens between your thumb and forefinger to remove the lens.

Once your lenses are out, you can then either discard the lens (if it is a one-day disposable lens) or clean and store it if it is a frequent replacement lens. We’ll cover how to care for your lenses in between uses in the next post.

As always, if you need further information about contact lenses please check our website or feel free to contact us.

Jul 252012

Contact Lenses are, by design, invisible. You are wearing vision-correcting apparatus but no one around you can tell. This is just one of the many great aspects of contact lenses. But, sometimes you want your eyewear to be a part of your overall look, in much the same vein as with designer frames for spectacles. Maybe you fancy a change in style, whether it’s a temporary accessory to go with that dress or shirt you have just bought; or to go with your new hair colour.

The good news is that contact lens wearers are not left out when it comes to making a fashion statement! Through the use of coloured contact lenses you have the freedom to easily change the look of your eyes in a way that is both subtle and can make a huge impact on your appearance.

What’s more, there are purely aesthetic contact lenses that are available so you can change your look even if you don’t need vision correction.

At Lichfield Street Opticians we have the full range of colours available from Cibavision’s FreshLook coloured contact lenses range.


As we have seen in our previous blog posts, there are many different types of contact lenses to suit all life styles – whether they be daily disposables or monthly replaceable lenses. FreshLook contact lenses offer colours to cover all these types to ensure you can find a colour that not only suits you, but also suits your day-to-day life.

Monthly Reusable Coloured Contact Lenses from FreshLook

freshlook colors range

Freshlook Colors are monthly contact lenses that uses iris pattern effects that overlays the natural base of your eyes to create a dramatic change. Available in six stunning colours.

freshlook colorblends range

FreshLook Colorblends lenses offers a ‘3 in 1’ aesthetic design, blending three colours on one lens to create a totally natural result, giving subtle yet complete eye colour change. Available in nine beautiful colours.

freshlook dimensions range

FreshLook Dimensions offer a charcoal outer starburst pattern that makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, adding depth and dimension to your eyes with three natural-looking transparent hues.

freshlook radiance range

FreshLook Radiance The first coloured contact lens to give eyes a new shine. The reflecting shining pigments within the lens capture the light and reflect it again in new and fascinating angles without changing the natural eye colour. Available in 4 illuminating shades.

focus softcolors range

Focus SoftColors work to enhance natural tones. Available in 3 colours: aqua, evergreen and royal blue.


Daily Disposeable Coloured Contact Lenses from FreshLook

freshlook one-day range

FreshLook One-Day ‘3 in 1’ daily disposable colour contact lens blends three colours on one lens to create a totally natural result, giving subtle yet complete eye colour change. Available in 4 colours.

Wondering if a change in eye colour is right for you? Bowled over by the amount of colour choices on offer? FreshLook offers an awesome online tool to help you to decide. You can see how changing your lens colour can affect your appearance – just upload a photo of yourself to Freshlook’s Colour Studio and see how FreshLook lenses can give you the freedom to change yourself!

For more information about our contact lenses or to book your next contact lens check, feel free to contact Lichfield street Opticians in Wolverhampton or see the contact lenses area of our website.

Jul 212012

If daily disposable contact lenses are not the best choice for you … how about lenses for general everyday wear!  Reusable lenses last beyond one day’s use. Instead of disposing of them at the end of each day, you clean and store them in a contact lens case until you’re ready to wear them again and again, for up to two weeks or one month, depending on the lens design.

At Lichfield Street Opticians reusable lenses are available in fortnightly and monthly variants across many popular brands such as Acuvue, Cariti, Air Optix and more.

Benefits of Reusable Contacts

For frequent users they are more cost effective than dailies – especially when you wear your contacts every day. Starting from just £8 per month, they are great value, and when combined with our contact lens subscription plan they offer amazing value across the range of services from Lichfield Street Opticians.

Like their daily counterparts, reusable frequent-use lenses offer great UV protection, and are especially made to allow oxygen to pass through to your eyes, allowing keep eyes looking white and fresh. Hydrogel-crafted lenses will also keep your eyes moist, improving comfort to the degree that you can experience a ‘no lens feeling’!

Because these frequent replacement contact lenses are made of stronger materials, they are a versatile way of meeting more complex prescriptions and astigmatism – fortnightly and monthly lenses can offer a wider range of prescription powers than dailies. So, if your prescription places you out of the range for daily lenses but you still require vision correction and don’t fancy wearing glasses, monthly contact lenses may be the right choice for you!

The only real downside to reusable contact lenses when compared to dailies is that you would need to clean your lenses and store them in contact lens cases. At Lichfield Street Opticians we can not only advise you on the best contact lens solutions to use with your lenses, we can seamlessly include your solutions and cases with your contact lens orders. In fact, when ordered together, contact lens cases are included for FREE.

Reusable Contact Lens Options from Lichfield Street Opticians

We offer a wide range of fortnightly and monthly frequent use replacable lenses from world-class manufacturers such as Sauflon, Cibavision and Johnson & Johnson.


J&J Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus (Two Weekly) – If your day to day life involves spending long hours staring at a computer screen, or feeling the effects of dry heat or air-conditioning, it can be a challenge to keep your eyes comfortable. Acuvue Oasys are designed for maximum comfort when you are using your eyes for extended periods – including when watching television.


J&J Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear (Two Weekly) – Want to wear lenses, but concerned they’ll be uncomfortable or difficult to insert and remove? Acuvue Advance contact lenses are soft, flexible, easy to handle and provide exceptional long lasting comfort – perfect for younger people who like to wear their lenses frequently. Advance also uses slight visibility tints and inside-out marks to make your lenses easier to see and handle.Clariti™ - Silicone hydrogel, frequent replacement lenses

Saulfon Clariti (Monthly) – Made from silicone hydrogel, which allows oxygen to pass through to your eyes helping them stay clear, white and healthy. The healthy characteristics of the silicone hydrogel material means you can wear Clariti lenses from morning until night to better suit the demands of modern life. Clariti lenses are also incredibly thin, for that ‘no lens feeling’ and improving comfort.


Sauflon Bioclear (Monthly) – Made using Sauflon’s ‘AquAtract’, which retains moisture in the lens throughout the day for extra comfort and uses a handling tint to aid the insertion and removal of the lens. Advanced Edge Technology provides a lens edge that is incredibly thin reducing lens awareness and improving comfort.


Air Optix Aqua from Cibavision (Monthly) – Created to be breathable, retain moisture and to resist deposits, Cibavision’s Air Optix are designed for maximum comfort all day (and even all night). Air Optix are perfect for people who lead more active lives but whose eyes may be prone to tiredness, dryness or irritation later in the day – they are also suitable for sleeping in!

Whatever your lifestyle, there is a contact lens for you. Reusable lenses – sometimes called ‘fortnightly/monthly disposables’ – offer a wider range of prescription powers and can be very cost efficient. For more information about our contact lenses, or about our excellent contact lens scheme, please feel free to contact us.

Jul 182012

At Lichfield Street Opticians we are able to supply a wide range of all different contact lens types for all ages.  Contact lenses will enable you to enjoy freedom from wearing frames.

Daily contact lenses offer a very healthy and convenient way of wearing lenses.

  • you wear a fresh lens everyday
  • hassle free – there is no cleaning or solutions needed
  • very flexible – can be worn everyday or for socializing/sport etc
  • can correct long and short sighted prescriptions
  • can correct astigmatism
  • problems with small print? … lens available for multifocal wearers
  • no blind/blurry spots – clear crisp vision where ever you look

At Lichfield Street Opticians we offer are proud to announce that we have recently started to stock Sauflon contact lenses. They have followed on from their success of last year when they won Contact Lens Product of the Year 2011, to win the award again this year at the Optician Awards for their Clariti 1day Toric daily lens.

Clariti™ 1day toric

  • Clariti 1 Day – gives full UVA & UVB protection
  • Clariti 1 Day Toric – offers great comfort while correcting astigmatism
  • Bioclear 1 Day – good end of day comfort
  • New Day – all day comfort at affordable prices

To give your eye maximum comfort Sauflon use silicone hydrogel technology. This material is manufactured to allow oxygen to pass through the lenses to reach your eye’s surface, providing comfort for you, allowing you to wear your contact lenses longer.

Johnson & Johnson’s daily contact lenses include

1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST<sup>®</sup>

  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist – the world’s first daily disposable contact lens
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist for astigmatism – available in a wide range of prescriptions to correct astigmatism
  • 1 Day TruEye – provides a high level of UV protection for your eye plus allowing more oxygen to your eye.

Johnson & Johnson use technology called Hydraclear – a wetting agent that is part of the lens that gives a smooth silky feel that will keep your eyes moist and comfortable all day long.


Cibavision’s daily contact lenses include

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses

  • Aqua Comfort Plus – provides moisture to your eye with every blink
  • Focus Toric – Crisp, clear vision for those with astigmatism
  • Focus All Day Comfort – all day comfort at affordable prices

To enjoy a different look … to have freedom from glasses … to enjoy sport with clear crisp vision … try contact lenses!

For more information about our contact price scheme, please visit our website!