Dec 302011


Have you ever got fed up of fingerprints on your lenses or been dazzled by headlight glare when driving at night?  Here ‘s how to get the best out of your specs!

When your optician talks about anti reflective lens coating, it might be something you haven’t tried before or even heard of. A lens coating eliminates a lot of the problems and discomfort that spectacle wearers find with an uncoated lens.

One of the most popular types of lens coatings are Essilor’s Crizal Lenses.  This coating protects your glasses against the five enemies of clear vision:

  • reflections
  • smudges
  • scratches
  • dust
  • water
Crizal Coatings

Crizal Coatings

Crizal Lenses have a perfectly smooth surface that lets in light, rather than bouncing off the surface, keeping your vision clear and clean at all times.  The coating is suitable for everyone and there are four types of coatings within the Crizal family to choose from.

One of our lens manufacturers, Essilor has recently launched their new coating, Optifog.  It’s had a really successful launch and has received a lot of positive feedback.

Optifog from Essilor

Optifog Steam Repellance Lens Coating from Essilor

All spectacle wearers have at sometime found their spectacles have ‘steamed up’ moving from a cold to a hot environment, when playing sports or in a work environment. It can happen anywhere and it’s a real inconvenience when it happens!  The Optifog lens completely eliminates the problem giving you fog free vision.  The top layer of Optifog’s moisture repellent properties, once activated it prevents fogging for up to one week.  We have a demonstation in store so please call in to see how it works!

Crizal Forte is a premium state of the art coating and was winner of the Optical Product of the Year 2009.  It is an advanced coating that combats the problems experienced by spectacles wearers,  reflections, smudges, scratches, dust and water.

Crizal Forte

Crizal Forte coatings from Essilor

I have this coating on my lenses, I find it a real benefit.  Its great for night driving, I don’t get dazzled by on coming headlights any more.  My specs are really easy to keep clean aswell!

Crizal Alize is a great all round quality coating, preventing smudges, reflections and is scratch resistant. There great benefit of Crizal Alize is a premium level of dust repellence.

Crizal Alize

Crizal Alize lens coating from Essilor

If you haven’t tried an anti-relective lens before Crizal Easy provides the ideal introduction to the benefits of a coating with unbeatable value.  It is superior to any other standard coated lens you may be offered.  You will be able to benefit from an anti-reflective lens with scratch resistance and good smudge resistance.

Crizal Easy

Crizal Easy lens coating from Essilor

So next time you order your spectacles ask about Crizal lenses to experience the best you can get in anti-reflective coating. We have demonstrations of the coatings in store so please call in to see us and you will be able to see all the elements of a coated Crizal lens.

I hope this info has been interesting, for further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01902 420348.

Many thanks to Essilor for the images and information.

May we wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Dec 092011

MASSIVELY popular kid’s cartoon Ben 10 has invaded opticians across the world with the launch of a great new range of children’s frames – finally your kids have an excuse to want to wear their glasses all the time! From Emporium Eyewear, and available in Wolverhampton exclusively from Lichfield Street Opticians, we are proud to present the Ben 10 Collection.

And to celebrate, we thought we would share with you the experience of young Benjamin Tennyson’s arrival at our practice.

BEN 10: The Arrival

Ben 10 Arrives

Small... Inconspicuous... But no sign of an Omnitrix...

A fairly normal-looking package, although check out all that tape sealing it up? What have they got in there?

Fighting the Ben 10 Packaging!

Who sealed this box? Grandpa Max?

After an epic battle worthy of Ben himself, we finally managed to get into the box to witness the goodies inside.

First Look at Ben 10 Frames

First peek at the Ben 10 frames - check out those awesome cases!

First Look - the frames themselves.

First look at the frames themselves.

Finally we got to see for ourselves the pure awe of Ben 10 in eyewear form!

Ben 10 Close Up

Ben 10 ... Up close!

Ben 10 - Side Detail

Check out the side details!

With the excellent point of sale items including cardboard standee and poster, the full layout of Ben 10 goodness is a sight to behold – if only my nephews were here – they’d be going crazy right about now!

Cool PoS Poster for Ben 10

Cool Ben 10 poster!

Ben 10 Overload!

Ben 10 Overload! All that's missing is an Omnitrix.

With lots of cool items for us to play with, it’s time for a cool new window display for the world to see:

Ben 10 in our Windows!

Ben 10 on display!

Ben 10 on display

Ben 10 on display at Lichfield Street Opticians

Ben 10 frames are availavle NOW from Lichfield Street Opticians in Wolverhampton’s City Centre. To see the range of frames, check out our children’s eyewear section of the site.  For any enquiries, call us today on 01902 420348.


Dec 032011


The festive season is well and truly here! The question on every girls mind is ‘What do I wear?’ Well at Lichfield Street Opticians we think we have solved the dilemma.

Your Eyes Can Be Your Most Spectacular Accessory!


To change your look and make an eye catching entrance to any party, coloured contact lenses have never been easier to try.  They come in four different designs and an amazing choice of colours.

  • ColourBlends – this blends 3 colours on one lens for a totally natural result.  Three new exciting colours have been added to this range

Brilliant Blue

Gemstone Green

Sterling Gray

  • One Day – this lens offers four subtle shades available in a daily disposable lens.  Colours include Pure Hazel and Blue
  • Colors – If you want to create a dramatic change this is a great one to try, an iris pattern is tranferred on to the lens
  • Dimensions – this lens will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, colours include Caribbean Aqua and Pacific Blue.

If you’re unsure about which coloured contact lens to try, you can check out their online studio. This lets you have a look at someone wearing a coloured lens, or even better you can upload a photo of yourself and try the coloured lenses on your own eyes!

For more information, check out our contact lens page.

So this Christmas try something new!

Blog again soon……………………

Many thanks to Cibavision


Dec 012011

As parents we do our best to ensure our children stay healthy and safe. But unless there is an obvious problem, we don’t automatically think about maintaining the health of our children’s eyes.
Children will often not recognize if their eyesight is poor and can become frustrated when they feel they are struggling, but not know why.
The timely identification of a child’s vision problems can be crucial because they are more responsive to treatment when these problems are diagnosed early. Appropriate sight testing is vital to ensure that a child has the visual skills he or she needs to perform well in school and to ensure normal vision development that will be with them for all their lives.
Untreated eye conditions such as a squint or lazy eye can lead to other, more serious problems which may result in a permanent reduction in vision. This is why we strongly recommend all children are tested ideally before the age of five.

“1 in 5 children have undetected visual problems until the age of 12” 1

For school-aged children, an eye exam is recommended every two years if no visual correction is required. Children who need spectacles should be examined annually, or every six months as recommended by their optometrist.
At Lichfield Street Opticians we are here to learn all about every family member’s lifestyle and help you to take care of the long term eye health of your children. Getting your children into a routine of eye testing now will help them recognise the importance of takingcare of their eyes throughout their life.
The good news is that all eye tests for children are FREE under the NHS.
Many of our children’s frames are also available free of charge with the NHS voucher scheme – check our FAQ for more information.
1 Royal National Institute for the Blind