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Ever wondered where your lenses come from? Or how they’re made? We will focus on one of the main suppliers of spectacle ophthalmic lenses, Essilor.

Essilor provide us with a full range of products, supplying us with lenses for distance, reading, bifocal and varifocal lenses. They were responsible for the launch of the Varilux lenses way back in 1959! Since then the Varilux range of varifocal lenses has developed to meet the needs of every Presbyobic patient – they will fit in with your lifestyle to suit your needs!

Essilor were winners of the Optical Product of the Year 2009 at the Opticians Awards for the Anti-reflective coated lens Crizal Forte and won the 2011 Silmo d’Or award for their unique Optifog coated lenses. You can see why they are one of our main suppliers of spectacle lenses! All these fantastic products are available to you when ordering your spectacles from us!

The journey of your lenses starts when you have your eye test with our optometrist. After a thorough eye examination the optician and dispenser advise you about the lenses that are most suited to you, your prescription needs, and your lifestyle.

You will be advised the benefits of anti reflective coated lenses as well as other beneficial coatings that will help to ensure you get to continue living your life the way you want to.


transitions lenses We may advise about Transitions – an advanced photochromic lens coating. The lenses changes to a dark shade of brown or grey depending on the light conditions. So you have the look of a pair of sunglasses. When you return indoors the lenses have a really fast fade back to a completely clear lens. So if you’re out and about in sunny conditions (this does sometimes happen with English weather!!) they will be of real benefit, instead of swopping back to your prescription sunglasses evey time the transitions lenses do all the work! We will focus in more detail on Transitions lenses in a later blog.


Advice about Varifocal lenses is always helpful because there’s a lot of information available about them and its difficult to know which lens design is going to be the best for you! We will ask you about your occupation, hobbies and how much you use your computer. This helps us to accurately choose which varifocal that will be the most successful for your new spectacles. Varilux lenses by Essilor are a very successful varifocal lens that controls that effects of Presbyopia, that develops during middle age when you experience difficulty focusing on near objects, reading sewing etc. We can supply varifocals that suit any lifestyle and budget. If at the moment you’re wearing separate pairs of spectacles for distance and then have to swop over to your readers, you might, like most of our customers, find this really frustrating! Or if you wear bifocal lenses, you are missing out on the intermediate vision – which is when you focus on objects in the middle distance, such as your computer screen or your television. Varifocals are a great alternative to these lenses, and in one go they solve the downsides of wearing single vision or bifocal lenses.


Now is the fun part! Your lenses have been chosen, now you can try on different styles of frames. Our extensive range of frames suits all styles and budgets. Essilor have provided us with a fantastic piece of equipment that makes choosing your frame so much easier! If like me, when you try a new frame on and think ‘I can’t see what I look like!’ we have the answer. Our camera takes a picture/video of you wearing as many frames as you like. Its such as a great idea and our patients find it really useful in making that final decision! After you frame choice has been made and your lenses have been measured correctly for the frame you have chosen, your lens order begins….


We have an advanced online ordering system that links directly to Essilor. Our remote edging machine accurately traces the lens shape of your chosen frame. This is then sent directly to Essilor, along with your order details. This provides you with access to the latest lenses and it allows us to process your order faster for the majority of frames.

Once your lenses order has been placed, your unique order number can be tracked though each process stage giving us an expected delivery time. This means we can keep you up to date as to when we expect the arrival of your new spectacles.

If you require a bespoke lens for your prescription, we have a wide range of suppliers that are able to suit a high prescription lens. If you need any further information about lens details of prices of these please contact us for further details.

Your new lenses are delivered to us by courier and they are fitted into your new frames. After the lenses are fitted and checked, an telephone/email is sent to let you know to collect your new spectacles! Final fitting and adjustments are made and your new spectacles are ready to wear! As with all new spectacles once you have worn them you may feel that they are slipping down when wearing them or feel to tight on your face. This is easily put right, all adjustments are FREE as part of our excellent aftercare service.


We hope this has been of interest, giving you an insight in to the journey your new spectacles make!

Many thanks to Essilor.

Blog soon………………Ruth :)

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