Mar 142012


You know how we feel about shoes! You can never have too many pairs … and you wouldn’t want to be wearing the same pair every time you went out. Your glasses are part of your outfit everyday aswell!

Lots of shoes but only one pair of glasses!

The average women now has 7 pairs of shoes or more … (for me that figure should definitely be higher!).  Wearing the right glasses for every occasion means you’ll always project the right image.  Here at Lichfield Street Opticians we can choose frames that will be suitable for all aspects of your lifestyle.

If in the past you have had lenses that have looked thick and unattractive in your frame, we have a fantastic range of ultra thin lenses suitable for all prescriptions.  They will all be supplied with an anti glare coating, that stop any reflections you would normally see on a standard uncoated lens.


At Lichfield Street Opticians we have an exciting range of frames in stock … they cover all price ranges.  Our most recent designer brand is ck Calvin Klein … its a fantastic and very wearable collection.


Also just arrived are our new NHS frame range … if you receive JSA, Income Support, ESA, Pension Credit or carry a HC2 you will be able to order from our collection of NHS frames that are suitable for your distance, reading, bifocal and varifocal lenses.

Summer is Coming … Time to Get Ready!

If you’re thinking ahead to your summer holidays … have you ever considered prescription sunglasses.  We stock an exclusive range of frames that are ideal for your tinted prescription lenses.

For more information and ideas about which sunglasses are the best choice for you click here – or click through on the images below:

Ted Baker SunglassesConverse SunglassesPolaroid Sunglasses



Book an appointment for your next eye examination with us and we’ll advise you on what style of frame is suitable for you.  Your new frame will look fantastic and your lenses will be the best for you and your eyes!

Many thanks to Essilor for their continued support

Ruth :-)

Mar 102012

On Thursday 8th March our patient, Mr Robert McMillan arrived for his two yearly eye examination appointment with our optician Mr Mahmood.  Mr McMillan has been our patient for four years and he works for Virgin trains.  After completing his eye test our optician explained the extraordinary results and its why Mr MacMillan is a memorable patient, because his vision just keeps getting better and better!

Mr McMillan pic 

Mr McMillan is 58 years old and lives in Stoke, his hobbies include archaeological interests and walking.  In March 2010 the prescription we found for his reading addition was +1.75.  With age you would expect to find a  deterioration of reading vision.  A reading prescription would normally be increased when a patient attended for their next two yearly eye test. The condition called presbyopia usually occurs in people aged forty and older. Reading becomes increasingly difficult and vision becomes blurred. You would probably find yourself holding your newpaper or book farther and farther away to focus. Presbyopia occurs as the lens of your eye becomes less flexible causing focusing on nearby objects to becomes difficult. For more information on the best lenses to correct this and advice on which lenses to choose follow the link

                             Mr McMillan is the exception to the rule!

Mr McMillan’s reading prescription has improved to +1.25 and the standard of his visual acuity is 6/4, he is seeing two lines smaller on the eye test chart than is needed for 6/6, the required normal visual acuity reading. Our optician carried out a test to check Mr McMillian’s  peripheral vision.  He has better peripherial awareness than the optician!

This unexplained improvement in Mr McMillan’s vision is fascinating and we would like to thank him for letting us include him on our blog.  We’ll let you know when he attends his next eye examination … the results may be even more outstanding!

With thanks again to Mr McMillan,

Ruth :)

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