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iStock_000010314461Medium It’s that time again! A new school term has started! Here at Lichfield Street Opticians we want to make sure you and your family are all prepared for the studying ahead!  Now is the time that your child might notice that their vision might not be as sharp as last term.

It costs nothing to be reassured about the health of your children’s eyes.

Did you Know? … If your child is in full time education up to the age of 18 years old they will be entitled to a free eye examination and entitled to an NHS voucher that either pays for or contributes to a complete pair of spectacles! We have frames to suit all ages … we are stockists of


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At Lichfield Street Opticians we are experts in children’s eyecare and we committed to provide you child with the best eye health,

  • 1 in 5 children have undetected visual problems
  • 80% of a child’s learning occurs visually
  • Research has shown that poor vision can lead to poor school work
  • To avoid the possibility of permanent reductions in vision such as lazy eye, it is essential children are tested before the age of 7
  • Children can be tested from as young as 18 months old

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We also realise that kids will be kids!  Its likely that any spectacles will need adjustments from time to time, as we offer all our patients a lifetime fitting and adjustment service, there will never be any charges to bring your child’s spectacles back to life! Also up to the age of 16 years old, if their spectacles need to be replaced due to damage, just bring them back in to us and we can replace them on the NHS free of charge.

We also accept other optician’s prescription’s, so if our Ben 10 is the frame to have, that is no problem!  Just bring your child’s prescription in to us and we can order the new spectacles.

For more information about your child’s eyecare or for any further help regarding eye health, please contact us on 01902 420348 or email

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As parents we do our best to ensure our children stay healthy and safe. But unless there is an obvious problem, we don’t automatically think about maintaining the health of our children’s eyes.
Children will often not recognize if their eyesight is poor and can become frustrated when they feel they are struggling, but not know why.
The timely identification of a child’s vision problems can be crucial because they are more responsive to treatment when these problems are diagnosed early. Appropriate sight testing is vital to ensure that a child has the visual skills he or she needs to perform well in school and to ensure normal vision development that will be with them for all their lives.
Untreated eye conditions such as a squint or lazy eye can lead to other, more serious problems which may result in a permanent reduction in vision. This is why we strongly recommend all children are tested ideally before the age of five.

“1 in 5 children have undetected visual problems until the age of 12” 1

For school-aged children, an eye exam is recommended every two years if no visual correction is required. Children who need spectacles should be examined annually, or every six months as recommended by their optometrist.
At Lichfield Street Opticians we are here to learn all about every family member’s lifestyle and help you to take care of the long term eye health of your children. Getting your children into a routine of eye testing now will help them recognise the importance of takingcare of their eyes throughout their life.
The good news is that all eye tests for children are FREE under the NHS.
Many of our children’s frames are also available free of charge with the NHS voucher scheme – check our FAQ for more information.
1 Royal National Institute for the Blind