Jul 142012

Our new delivery of Anna Sui and Hackett frames have arrived … there are some fantastic colours and styles that will leave you spoilt for choice!

Our delivery arrives!

Hackett poster!

As always from Hackett and Anna Sui, they are accompanied by gorgeous window displays! As you can see from our ‘Essentially British’ Hackett guy!

Hackett window pictures

Unpacking the boxes reveals the Hackett and Anna Sui frames …

Anna Sui & Hackett frames

new stock!

The new stock is all unpacked … we would love to see you … what do YOU think of the frames!

New Anna Sui frame

For more information about our Anna Sui or Hackett frames follow http://wolverhamptonopticians.co.uk/html/anna_sui.html http://wolverhamptonopticians.co.uk/html/hackett.html

or call us on 01902 420348!

Jun 232012


One of the easiest ways to protect your eyes during the Summer months is by wearing sunglasses. These are glasses with heavily tinted lenses that filter the light before it enters your eyes, ensuring that you avoid many of the problems that can arise through exposure to strong light such as eyestrain, which can lead to headaches and migraines.

Sunglasses reduce glare, making them an effective choice for drivers to ensure that they can see the road at all times during the day and can help immensely when you find yourself in places where reflected sunlight means there is nowhere to turn to avoid a face full of glare – such as at the beach, where the sea and sand conspire to reflect the sun’s rays all over the place.

Looking at you

Modern sunglasses also have built-in UV filters that add extra protection for your eyes, which can help to avoid long-term damage such as cataracts. What’s more, most sunglasses are oversized compared to regular spectacles which offers additional benefits, such as shielding the thinner skin around your eyes (where you may not normally apply sunblock) and your eyelids from UV damage, as well as acting as a portable ‘windshield’ for your eyes, protecting them from the elements and wind-borne dust and debris.

Many models can also support your prescription – meaning they will also function as normal glasses when out and about. Please note however, that not all designer sunglasses will support all prescriptions due to required lens designs – if in doubt, always check with your optician.

At Lichfield Street Opticians we stock a range of designer sunglasses from Ted Baker, Anna Sui, Converse and Polaroid. We also offer a budget range of quality sunspecs for just £10.

For more information on sunglasses and of the designer ranges offered by Lichfield Street Opticians, please feel free to check out our website here.

Anna Sui AS814 113The Close Talker - TortoiseSienna 1174 709


Sunglasses look great on just about anyone – so they are also make for amazing fashion accessories!

Nov 292011


For todays blog, its not to much reading for you! At Lichfield Street Opticians we’ve just had our new delivery of Lulu Guinness frames, its a brand new designer for us and we’re really excited to show you our new stock.

Our new Lulu Guinness stock arrives from our courier

Opening the boxes, we find the new frames we’ve recently ordered,

Opening up.......................

Each frame is individually wrapped when they arrive to us,

Our suppliers always send us great Point Of Sale, eye catching posters, new frame stands to display in our window

New Lulu Guinness poster for our window display

We have also ordered new frames for our Anna Sui range, the new Point of Sale for this is so girlie! It’ll look great as part of our Christmas window display

Our new Anna Sui poster!

New Lulu and Anna Sui posters

This is when the fun starts! I get to display the new stock in the window.

New Lulu Guinness Christmas window display

Lulu Guinness Christmas window display


Anna Sui Christmas window display

Our website is being updated, so you’ll be able to see the full range of  Lulu Guinness frames that we have in stock.  If you have any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our new stock arrive…………..blog again soon