Nov 152011


Our new blog is about a common eye disorder called Blepharitis, it is not something you may have heard of but the symptoms, you may have experienced.

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids.  Oils and other products build up on the eyelid surface and eyelashes resulting in the eye irritation.  The signs and symptoms are

  • eye irritation
  • burning
  • tearing
  • foreign body sensation
  • crusty debris (in the lashes, in the corner of the eyes or on the lids)
  • dryness
  • red eyelid margins

Cleaning your eyelids everyday is essential in treatment of blepharitis as it tends to recur and rarely disappears completely. Whether or not you are experiencing any recurring symptoms, you should consider it part of your daily routine, like showering or brushing your teeth!

Here at Lichfield Street Opticians we now stock a range of products that are really sucessful in the treatment of Blepharitis.  Within the Blepha Range there are three different products which are easy and convenient to use.  They are all preservative and perfume free.

  • Blephaclean – ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle, great for going on holidays, no extra bottles to pack! Contains 20 ready to use sterile wipes. Each individual wipe contains agents which repair, moisturise, soothe and act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The wipe cleans and repairs the skin.  Usually to be used once or twice a day, wiping over eyelid and lash areas.
  • Blephasol – is a 100ml bottle, that is convenient to apply with a cosmetic pad. There is no rinsing, or stinging after use, just gentle cleansing. One extra benefit is that it’s an excellent make up remover (even waterproof mascara, i’ve tried it and it works!) so two products in one! Usually to be used once or twice a day, wiping cosmetic pad over eyelid and lash area.
  • Blephagel – this is ideal for anyone who has a more stubborn case of Blepharitis, its a good over night treatment, that instantly cools, hydrates and soothes inflamed eyelids. Usually to be used once or twice a day, using a cosmetic pad to wipe over the eyelid and lash area or if prefered can be left on overnight and gently wiped away in the morning.

The other major advantages to these products are that they are suitable for you if you have sensitive skin or if you wear contact lenses.

I hope you’ve found this blog of interest and as always if you have any more questions or require extra information that would be of help to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Lichfield Street Opticians.

Look out for our next blog soon………..


With thanks to Spectrum Thea Pharmaceuticals Ltd