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Contact Lenses are, by design, invisible. You are wearing vision-correcting apparatus but no one around you can tell. This is just one of the many great aspects of contact lenses. But, sometimes you want your eyewear to be a part of your overall look, in much the same vein as with designer frames for spectacles. Maybe you fancy a change in style, whether it’s a temporary accessory to go with that dress or shirt you have just bought; or to go with your new hair colour.

The good news is that contact lens wearers are not left out when it comes to making a fashion statement! Through the use of coloured contact lenses you have the freedom to easily change the look of your eyes in a way that is both subtle and can make a huge impact on your appearance.

What’s more, there are purely aesthetic contact lenses that are available so you can change your look even if you don’t need vision correction.

At Lichfield Street Opticians we have the full range of colours available from Cibavision’s FreshLook coloured contact lenses range.


As we have seen in our previous blog posts, there are many different types of contact lenses to suit all life styles – whether they be daily disposables or monthly replaceable lenses. FreshLook contact lenses offer colours to cover all these types to ensure you can find a colour that not only suits you, but also suits your day-to-day life.

Monthly Reusable Coloured Contact Lenses from FreshLook

freshlook colors range

Freshlook Colors are monthly contact lenses that uses iris pattern effects that overlays the natural base of your eyes to create a dramatic change. Available in six stunning colours.

freshlook colorblends range

FreshLook Colorblends lenses offers a ‘3 in 1’ aesthetic design, blending three colours on one lens to create a totally natural result, giving subtle yet complete eye colour change. Available in nine beautiful colours.

freshlook dimensions range

FreshLook Dimensions offer a charcoal outer starburst pattern that makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, adding depth and dimension to your eyes with three natural-looking transparent hues.

freshlook radiance range

FreshLook Radiance The first coloured contact lens to give eyes a new shine. The reflecting shining pigments within the lens capture the light and reflect it again in new and fascinating angles without changing the natural eye colour. Available in 4 illuminating shades.

focus softcolors range

Focus SoftColors work to enhance natural tones. Available in 3 colours: aqua, evergreen and royal blue.


Daily Disposeable Coloured Contact Lenses from FreshLook

freshlook one-day range

FreshLook One-Day ‘3 in 1’ daily disposable colour contact lens blends three colours on one lens to create a totally natural result, giving subtle yet complete eye colour change. Available in 4 colours.

Wondering if a change in eye colour is right for you? Bowled over by the amount of colour choices on offer? FreshLook offers an awesome online tool to help you to decide. You can see how changing your lens colour can affect your appearance – just upload a photo of yourself to Freshlook’s Colour Studio and see how FreshLook lenses can give you the freedom to change yourself!

For more information about our contact lenses or to book your next contact lens check, feel free to contact Lichfield street Opticians in Wolverhampton or see the contact lenses area of our website.

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The festive season is well and truly here! The question on every girls mind is ‘What do I wear?’ Well at Lichfield Street Opticians we think we have solved the dilemma.

Your Eyes Can Be Your Most Spectacular Accessory!


To change your look and make an eye catching entrance to any party, coloured contact lenses have never been easier to try.  They come in four different designs and an amazing choice of colours.

  • ColourBlends – this blends 3 colours on one lens for a totally natural result.  Three new exciting colours have been added to this range

Brilliant Blue

Gemstone Green

Sterling Gray

  • One Day – this lens offers four subtle shades available in a daily disposable lens.  Colours include Pure Hazel and Blue
  • Colors – If you want to create a dramatic change this is a great one to try, an iris pattern is tranferred on to the lens
  • Dimensions – this lens will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, colours include Caribbean Aqua and Pacific Blue.

If you’re unsure about which coloured contact lens to try, you can check out their online studio. This lets you have a look at someone wearing a coloured lens, or even better you can upload a photo of yourself and try the coloured lenses on your own eyes!

For more information, check out our contact lens page.

So this Christmas try something new!

Blog again soon……………………

Many thanks to Cibavision