Jul 052012

contact lens

Contact Lenses are an awesome way to wear corrective lenses without needing to wear spectacles and offer you all-round, clear vision. They are small, almost invisible cup-shaped lenses that fit directly onto your eyes. Comfortable, simple and easy to wear, contact lenses are the best alternative to wearing prescription glasses. Even better, when you are wearing them, people just don’t usually notice that you are wearing anything – you show your natural look.

Freedom from Spectacles

Wearing Contact Lenses gives you the freedom you need to play sports, shop, hang out, dance – whatever you want to do but couldn’t for risk of seeing your glasses fall off. The only things you can’t do with contact lenses are sleeping or swimming (although, if you absolutely must, consult your eye care specialist). They leave your nose free for those sunglasses you’ve always wanted!

Freedom from Mess?

Unlike regular spectacles, you don’t need to wipe clean your contact lenses during the day; your eyelids do this for you through the natural act of blinking. Otherwise, when you take them off at the end of the day, you clean and store them in cleansing solutions ready for the next day. If you use daily disposable lenses, you don’t need to clean them at all – just dispose of them every night and use new lenses in the morning.

Freedom for Choice

You can great in glasses. But sometimes you don’t want to wear them all the time. Contact lenses allow you to express yourself the way you want to. You can even choose different coloured Lenses if you are looking for a total change in style. Contact Lenses offers you freedom to express yourself in every way. Feel yourself, be yourself!