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Children’s Eye Care

Your child’s vision is both precious and important.

It costs nothing to be reassured about the health of your children’s eyes.

Did you know?

  • Until the age of 12, visual learning accounts for 80% of the learning process
  • Research shows that poor vision can lead to poor performances at school
  • 1 in 5 children have undetected visual problems
  • To avoid the possibility of permanent reduction in vision, it is essential children take eye tests before the age of 7
  • Children with poor vision may not complain of any problems as they assume that what they see is normal
  • Eye tests are FREE for all children under 16, and for 16-19 year olds in full time education!
  • If your child does need to wear glasses, the lenses are covered by the NHS and you can choose from a range of FREE frames as well!

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Some tips when choosing the right frame for your child

It is essential, should a child need to wear glasses, that they are fitted properly. They must be not only comfortable but must also be centred correctly so that your child looks through the correct part of the lens and doesn’t look around the sides of the frame. The shape of their new lenses should be deep enough to ensure that they don’t look over the top of them either - as children are often wont to do with new  spectacles - and the correct side length chosen so that they can be adjusted to stop them slipping down your child’s nose.

At Lichfield Street Opticians we have a large range of frames available so that you can choose the correct shape to fit your child’s face and head, as well as top brands that your child will want to wear. We will tailor the lens to the needs of your child, and will ensure that the frame fits them properly and comfortably.

We also stock a range of Polaroid polarised sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes from harmful UV rays during the Summer months.

Children’s Frames at Lichfield Street Opticians

At Lichfield Street Opticians we have a large range of kids’ frames and many are free of charge under the NHS Voucher scheme. Some designer frames cost a little more - our Converse Kids range are 30 each while our popular Ben 10 collection are only 10 each, while our other collections, including frames from Disney Princess, Hannah Montana and Star Wars: The Clone Wars are available for free on the NHS. What’s more, we recognise that kids will be kids and sometimes they experience mishaps with their glasses. If they need to have their spectacles - thats their frame and / or their lenses - replaced due to damage, just bring them back in to us and we can replace them on the NHS free of charge.

All children under 16 - as well as all 16 to 19 year-olds who are in full time education - can get free eye tests and help towards their spectacles through the NHS voucher scheme.

Lichfield Street Opticians is happy to accept spectacle lens prescriptions from other opticians, although we will still need to take your child’s pupil distance measurements - please contact us on (+44) 01902 420348 for more information and advice on what you child will need.

We have frames that your children will love to wear!

Our exciting range of Children’s Frames include:

Converse core optical and kids

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