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presbyopia - reading at arms lengthPresbyopia is the loss of focusing ability that occurs naturally with age that mainly affects your near-vision - your ability view objects up close or to read.

PresbyopiaIn younger people, the eye’s crystalline lens is very flexible and the eye has a wide range of focus from far distance to close up. As you get older, the lens slowly loses its flexibility leading to a gradual decline in its ability to focus on near objects.

Presbyopia is not a disease, but rather it is a natural part of ageing. It is considered to be a normal and expected change which sooner or later will affect everyone - whether you already wear glasses or contact lenses or not.

presbyopia causes difficulties when reading up closewhen reading with presbyopia you have to read at arms lengthUsually by around the age of 40-45, you may begin to notice that you are holding your newspaper further away from you, or maybe you need more light to read small print. Small details begin to appear blurry and you have to concentrate harder to focus on them. Once you notice that your vision is waning, you should book in to see your optometrist as soon as possible and have your eyes tested. There is no advantage in delaying the use of reading glasses, or changing to bifocals or varifocals - they will not make your eyes lazy. They will help you to continue to seeing the world around you with the clarity you have enjoyed up until now. Without vision aids, your eyesight will continue to slowly deteriorate and without the use of prescription lenses your quality of life may suffer.

At Lichfield Street Opticians, we can advise you on the best form of vision correction to suit your prescription needs, whilst taking into account your individual lifestyle and occupation.

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