Anti Wrinkle / Acne Pillow


Our anti wrinkle / acne pillow is a versatile pillow recommended for side sleepers that want to reduce the deepening of fine lines/wrinkles or the build up of dirt/ pressure on the skin while sleeping which can lead to acne.

How to use:

Place head on pillow with facial skin/ problematic area over the cut out section. Sleep on your side in comfort, wake up with better skin.

How it stops Wrinkles:

The unique cut outs reduce pressure on your face whilst sleeping on your side whilst still supporting your head during sleep. This can stop the skin from wrinkling and therefore stop the deepening of existing or new lines.Â

How it stops Acne:

The pillows side cut outs leave skin free to breathe during your nights sleep and not compressed into a pillow, this reduces occluding (blackheads, pimples and whitehead formation). As the skin is also not in contact with the pillow; oils, dirt and other contaminants are also not coming into contact with the skin, keeping it clean. For those that also use moisturisers, masks and creams the lack of contact mean that these will also stay on the skin and not rub off into the pillow.Â

The included Coolmax cover is also Hypo-allergenic with micro-bacterial properties.

Includes 1 x Coolmax anti-microbial fitted zipped cover as standard.

Select an extra cover for an additional £9.99.

Coolmax is a quality performance fabric that keeps you cool while you sleep.

Spare pillow cases available (it is recommended that you wash/ change your pillow case often for those with moderate/bad acne).Â

56cm x 17cm x 30cm (22'' x 6.5'' x 12'')

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