Butterfly Pillow


Putnams Butterfly Pillow is a shaped polyester fibre pillow. Â The Butterfly Pillow supports the neck while gently cradling the head for restful sleep. Ideal while travelling or at home.

This product is highly versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways including;

- As a cervical roll; place inside your pillow case between your neck and your pillow for added support to your neck and shoulders whilst sleeping.

- As a knee support pillow; place between knees when lying on side to reduce pressure of bony knees or to keep hips aligned post surgery.

- Post Surgery; as mentioned above this product can be used post surgery either when sleeping or when sat up, i.e in a wheelchair to keep hip and leg alignment straight (knees equal distance apart).

If you are looking at this product for medical usage it is possible for us to make it with a waterproof navy fabric, which is machine washable at 95 degrees, conforms to BS7175, Crib 5 (suitable for hospitals and nursing homes). Enquire via email or telephone (orders@putnams.co.uk 01752 345678) trade enquiries and NHS orders welcome.

  British Made.

Super soft velour cream cover included (78% cotton, 22% polyester).

Dimensions: Length 38cm (15'')

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