Putnam Self-Adjusting Pillow


The Putnam Self-adjusting Pillow takes the guess work out of buying a pillow, allowing you to select the right height pillow for you. Tailor your pillow to your neck and back.

When sleeping it is important to maintain a straight spine.Â

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Available in standard foam and memory foam.

Sleeping with your spine in alignment, will reduce neck and back pain as well as headaches.
Our self-adjusting pillow has a top core layer and two optional removable layers that can be removed or added to suit you.
1. Top core layer (9.5cm - 3 ¾'')
2. Removable layer (3.5cm - 1 ¼'')
3. Removable base layer ( 2cm - 1'')
A total thickness of 15cm - 6'' can be achieved for side sleepers that need more shoulder support.
Made from supportive PUTNAFOAM.
Comes with Putnam Pillow Features as standard:
- Ear recess for side sleepers (reduced ear sore-ness) ideal for Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis (CNH) sufferers.
- Contours on pillows surface for improved ventilation.
- Groove for shoulders when on back and side (for optimal support).
Includes stretch, poly-cotton, removable cover (that fits all three layers).
Recommended for use inside a normal pillow case.
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